Union Agriculture Company

Demand for significant food imports in the alongside local production has created the natural conditions for a strong import and re-export trade and collaborative enterprise in agro commodities. With growing awareness of global food security issues, agro goods occupy an increasingly strategic role in UAC’s commodities mix.

Our trade covers a broad range of food products as diverse as grains to soya, coffee, cocoa and sugar and spices.

we provide raw materials on which the chemical industry bases its manufacturing. Many years of experience and correct selection have allowed us to provide the best quality materials at the right time.

One of the key elements of our company strategy is the dynamic development of the chemical business division by utilising the potential of new market segments and diversifying the portfolio of raw materials and chemical formulations in accordance with the current trends in various industries.

Our Company As a leading manufacturer of kaolin clay, a mineral chiefly used in papermaking, stays competitive by acquiring companies and expanding into new markets. The strategy has driven growth and success, but it has also added complexity to their security infrastructure.

UNION AGRICULTURE COMPANY is a dynamically developing company based in Hong Kong, . Our company is an experienced international trader, which works mainly with agricultural products. We strictly select the supplied products in order to provide the best quality and competitive prices.

Here at Union Agriculture Company, we stock & supply parts for Caterpillar machinery. W This machinery is used in some of the toughest environments in the construction, mining, power generation and marine industries. The importance of looking after and maintaining parts on your heavy machinery to ensure efficiency and safety is of paramount importance.

Over the years, Caterpillar has developed a comprehensive range of machinery that our company can supply parts for.

Our goal is to offer the best ship loading and unloading in the world to make it easier for our customers to work at ports and to ensure the supply of goods worldwide.